Energy Medicine ~ A Story of Black Magic From My Early Years

Voodoo and Energy Medicine

Energy Medicine ~ A Story of Black Magic From My Early Years

As holistic and naturopathic healing becomes ever more popular, we’re seeing many people take a direct interest in energy medicine and energy healing, and that’s a great thing. The demand is becoming so prevalent in fact, that Alberto Villoldo, the founder of The Four Winds Society, the World’s Leading Institute in Energy Medicine, is doing a series of public talks this fall and winter on the very subject.

It is important that the many people new to energy medicine (and even existing practitioners) understand that with interest comes great responsibility. The practice of energy medicine is not something granted from a weekend workshop. Energy medicine is a significant science that involves the personal energy between both practitioner and recipient. This is not a hobby or a dalliance; it requires solid education, foundation and practice. In his usual engaging style, Alberto Villoldo will be addressing this factor in his upcoming talks.

Aside from Alberto’s participation in the upcoming Day of Tikkun and Great Shamanic Initiation, he will be the featured speaker in Los Angeles on Oct 3rd and 4th at the Olympic Collection in West Los Angeles. You will love these live events as Alberto explains the precepts of what can be an amazing adventure into energy medicine.

Here, from his book, Shaman, Healer, Sage, Alberto relays a personal story – a wager he made, actually – when he didn’t believe that powerful energy medicine could actually extend to “the dark side.”

“When I was in my early twenties, I was preparing for an expedition to the Amazon when I received a call from the foundation that sponsored my research.  They needed an anthropologist to complete a study on Voodoo healers in Haiti.  I was reluctant to go…but gently persuaded when they mentioned they were reviewing my grant application to return to the Amazon.

The foundation officer explained that Voodoo was originally a healing practice from sub-Saharan Africa, and that in Haiti it was also used to harm one’s foes, particularly the ruthless slave masters.  The techniques were identical, he explained.  The same practices that were used to stimulate the immune system to eradicate a cancerous tumor could be used to lay waste to the immune system so that your victim would die from pneumonia in a matter of weeks.

Being in my early twenties, I was convinced I knew better and placed a small wager that black magic could only work on those who believed in it.  Upon being introduced to a local Voodoo priest we all agreed he would prove to me how his magic worked and he would do his work on me the following week, after I returned to California.  Suffice it to say, I ended up so sick within a few days, death would have been a welcome relief!  When the Haitian anthropologist called me on the appointed day to see if I felt anything, I groaned into the phone and told him to go back to the Voodoo priest and ask him to undo whatever it was he had done.

I discovered that just as you can help people through energy medicine, you can also hurt them.  I would later learn that energy healing from a poorly trained practitioner is often tantamount to black magic, regardless of how well-meaning the healer is.  Black magic happens not only in Haiti and the bayous of Louisiana but anywhere well-meaning but poorly trained individuals lay their hands on others, attempting to perform healing, and unknowingly transmit toxic energy to them.  Students will sometimes comment that this can’t happen if you are sending love to another person, as this energy is supposedly pure and holy.  I remind these students of the pain that we can inflict on others in the name of love.  In time, I discovered another kind of black magic we do to ourselves:  the negative thoughts and beliefs that keep us from our personal power and wreak havoc on our immune system.

The most important lesson for me that night, though, was the crucial role of the healer’s ethics and intent.  Much of the shaman’s decade-long training is dedicated to developing a high ethic, a value system founded on a deep reverence for all life.  Only then can the techniques be properly mastered.  Similarly, a doctor of Western medicine spends at least five years learning his or her craft.  Is it prudent to turn my health care over to someone who has taken a weekend workshop in energy medicine?

This is the quandary for Westerners who take a short training in energy healing or shamanism.  If you have a calling to practice energy medicine, take the time to train with teachers whose integrity, wisdom, and technical knowledge will assist you to develop your own spiritual gifts.”

Join Alberto in West Los Angeles, Oct 3rd  and 4th , in a two evening introduction to Healing the Light Body at the Olympic Collection Learn how energy medicine can transform your life, bringing balance and healing to every level of being – physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

  • Joseph Randazzo
    Posted at 09:47h, 25 September

    Bravo Alberto!
    This was a beautifully written essay and extremely important to read and hear. I am currently enrolled in the Four Winds program. As a student I have noticed that even despite the frequent emphasis and cautions by your instructors for those of us learning the shamanic arts, to stay grounded, humble, and well intentioned, there are always some fellow students who don’t seem to get it. These practices may well take a lifetime to master. Our learning and exploring never end, for like medicine or the martial arts, shamanisim is a lifelong endeavor. I can only hope that anyone entering this arena of lsyudy, regardless of where they are taught, do so with seriousness and commitment. As you so aptly put it, integrity of body, heart, mind, and spirit is paramount. Thank you.

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