In order to understand what energy medicine is all about, it’s easier to first understand how and
where it is applied in our own bodies and lives.

Each of us has a Luminous Energy Field (LEF) that holds the blueprint of our body just as an architectural drawing holds the design of a house. This field contains information that can kill us or heal us, in the same way that DNA encodes its formulas for longevity as well as inherited health conditions that can plague us.

However, unlike a physical blueprint, our luminous template is continually influenced by the positive and negative incidents we experience in our lives.

“Our genetic blueprint is energetic, not molecular like most of us have been trained to believe.”

Positive experiences do not leave a mark on our luminous fields. The peace and serenity we discover through our spiritual practice is fuel for the innermost layers of the LEF, energizing the soul and the spirit. Unresolved psychological and spiritual traumas, however, become engraved like scratch marks in our luminous fields.

These marks – or imprints – are formed when the negative emotions that accompany trauma are not healed. An imprint becomes encoded in our LEF with a charge that remains a permanent fixture. This charge not only contains energy, but also information about the circumstances inherent to the original wounding.

Whenever an imprint is triggered, its toxic energy spills out, hijacking our central nervous system, compromising our immune response, and re-creating the circumstances of the original trauma, yet again. In fact, it is the LEF that informs the DNA that then instructs the physical body to react.

“This is where energy medicine – the healing of one’s energy field and its relationship to physical health – comes into play.”

Those who practice energy medicine – energy healers – understand that the information in the LEF is the cause of illness; remember, it is the first receptor and, then, the informer to the DNA. Read more about the difference between “Curing” and “Healing.”

Energy medicine practitioners understand that we have the ability to heal disease – even disease we may have inherited genetically – by consciously influencing the expression of our genes and participating in our own evolution.

In other words, energy medicine teaches us how to create new bodies that age differently, heal differently and die differently.

Become an energy healer in your own life. Train to be an energy medicine practitioner