Flu Season vs Vaccines?

flu shot - natural immunity - Alberto Villoldo

Flu Season vs Vaccines?

flu shot - natural immunity - Alberto VilloldoVaccines have saved the lives of millions of people. Smallpox has been practically eradicated with the aid of vaccines, and so has polio and whooping cough. Tetanus used to kill millions and thanks to vaccines it is a thing of the past in the West. But the flu vaccine is a different story. Here are some of the facts. But please consult with your doctor to make an informed decision…

The non-profit Cochrane Group published a study in July 2010 that indicated a meta analysis of studies involving more than 70,000 people showed no benefit from the flu vaccine. The only studies that indicated a benefit were funded by the pharmaceutical industry.

The Center for Disease Control advocates flu vaccines for everyone over the age of six months. This results in billions of dollars of profits for vaccine manufacturers. But these companies are protected from any lawsuits by the US Government. If someone is harmed or killed by one of these vaccines, the Government picks up the bill!

On the other hand, a clinical trial where participants took vitamin D daily reduced the incidence of the flu by 40%!  For an excellent review of the flu vaccine controversy please see Dr. Mark Hyman’s article at  http://www.huffingtonpost.com/dr-mark-hyman/flu-shots-panacea-or-prop_b_831696.html

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