What’s Neuroscience Have To Do With Enlightenment?

Neuroscience and enlightenment

What’s Neuroscience Have To Do With Enlightenment?

Neuroscience and enlightenment I have been asked to return to the New York Open Center in November to deliver an evening lecture on neuroscience and enlightenment (two subjects that are not commonly found in the same lecture). The following day, Nov. 10th, I also will  be conducting a full-day workshop that will transform, cleanse and build our spiritual energy. Click to see registration details for my Nov. 9th evening lecture and my Nov. 10th day-long workshop.

Below is an introduction to what I’ll be teaching in more detail, which I’ve primarily pulled from my co-authored book, Power Up Your Brain.

Can neuroscience deliver on the promises presented by religion: freedom from suffering, violence, scarcity, and disease? Can neuroscience deliver us into a life where health, peace and abundance reign?

The pledges of the world’s religions are so universal that it’s likely the longing for joy, inner peace, and well-being are hardwired into the human brain and have become a social instinct as powerful as the drive to procreate. The Bible, the Koran, and Buddhist and Hindu scriptures all teach that we can be delivered into a paradise-oriented state, whether after death, at the end of time, following many reincarnations, or as a result of personal effort and merit. This state of liberation is called grace or Heaven by Christian religions, Paradise by Muslims, while Eastern traditions refer to it as awakening or enlightenment, using various terms such as samadhi, multi, bodhi, satori, and nirvana.

But what if grace, samadhi, and enlightenment are really based in biological science?

What if these are states of higher order and complexity created by programmable circuits in the brain? What if these circuits could make it possible to attain lifelong joy, inner peace, health and well-being now, in this physical world, and not in some distant future or afterlife?

When you join me at the New York Open Center, November 9th, I will share how the shamans perceive a luminous energy field enveloping the physical body and holding a record of all our past traumas and future possibilities. Shamanic healing usually involves working with this energy field to clear illnesses and imbalances, including familial/genetically inherited ones, before they fully penetrate the body.

On Nov. 9th, I will introduce you to practices that can help us:

  • Clear negative imprints in the energy field before they express disease in the body
  • Cure “soul loss”
  • Recover our vitality and life purpose
  • Maintain vibrant health.
  • I will also share tips about shamanic superfoods we can use to heal and energize the brain.

My Full-Day Workshop Follows My Evening Lecture
In addition, I will be teaching a full day workshop – Illumination: The Shaman’s Way of Healing the following day (Nov. 10th) at the New York Open Center. The experience of shamanic illumination can heal the emotional wounds that keep us locked in cycles of self-inflicted suffering, and help us recover all the passion and life-force we have squandered in anger, lust, greed and other negative emotions.

For shamans, illumination is not some far-fetched religious notion but a tangible experience available to all who learn to change the quality of their energy matrix.

In this Nov. 10th workshop, we will learn how to:

  • Transform negative emotions such as anger and despair into powerful healing gifts
  • Engage in a “soul retrieval” process that heals past traumas and frees us to pursue our essential destiny
  • Cleanse our energy field to prevent illness and maintain states of exceptional health and well-being
  • Build our spiritual energy to enable us to live more impeccably and effectively.

I will look forward to seeing you in New York. Click to see registration details for my Nov. 9th evening lecture and my Nov. 10th day-long workshop.