The End of the World, part II

  • Mary Pernal
    Posted at 13:33h, 29 August

    I was interested to read Alberto’s thoughts about climate change from Sunday on his new website. It’s funny, because I think many of us have turned to the shaman’s path, and to Alberto and his colleagues, looking for answers from these seers and visonaries, but his question of what we can do reminds me that we are all in this together. All of us who feel this connection share not only the problems-liek the chaos, disconnection, destruction and violence of our modern society, but we’re also together in consciousness and interwoven in this journey of healing, of opening our hearts, of surviving in a state of beauty. So many of my freinds from different paths share the thought that the natural world is our spiritual teacher and path, our grounding force, and it seems like somehow our yearning towards openness, and to feel fully alive and connected to the vital force of the earth invovles shedding the layers of our cultural identity to reconnect witht eh essential elements of life.

    Healing ourselves is interconnected with healing our earth. And yet there is such dullness to overcome as a society that it is hard to see the “real” solutions to these practical questions liek global warming. The resistance is so tanglible, so brutal, so relentlessly blind and greedy and unfeeling. It seems like a crash of some kind is happening-in our natural environment, and in the emotional environment of our country. I don’t know the solutions, but intuitively it seems like we have to open up to ourselves and eachother and rediscover emotional balance. Personally I would rather retreat from the world we live in and just connect with the wisdom of the earth and ancient spirits-but it seems like we are pulled into the world around us again. I don’t know how we transform it-but I know the answer comes from the endless flow of life and grace-that no matter how dire the situations we face, is always there sustaining us through a force of love—-and yet, the agony of the destruction around us….I mean, is there a solution on the material level? Maybe not. Really-maybe not. Maybe all we have now is spirit.