The Great Shamanic Initiation 2012
Oct. 16 – 19, 2012, Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health

According to numerous wisdom traditions, 2012 is a time of profound transformation and renewal. Four master shamans from Peru have traveled to the United States at this auspicious time to perform a “live reading,” or what we call a Great Initiation, based on their prophecies.

Join the Q’ero shamans, along with me (Alberto Villoldo), Marcela Lobos and Eric Greenberg, for a transformative journey.

This workshop is a rare opportunity to experience the energetic transmissions from the Q’ero shamans and focuses on two initiation ceremonies: the erasing of personal karma and the awakening of the light body. The initial fire ceremony teaches how to cut the energetic cords that bind you to your past and to the darkness of our collective history. During the second ceremony, you receive energetic transmissions from the Q’ero to awaken your light body. These transmissions help you to grow a body that heals and ages differently, and allow you to dream a new world into being. Read more details and register here