After devoting years to the study of ancient shaman practices, Alberto Villoldo, Ph.D., knew that sharing this knowledge
through books and DVDs wasn’t going to be enough. The information was entirely too important as to how we, as
humans, can live our everyday lives in balance, health and perfect wellness.

So, Alberto decided to create an institute in energy healing medicine to teach medical professionals, healing practitioners and individuals the way of Shaman medicine. Now, YOU have the opportunity to train to be a healer.

At the core of The Four Winds teachings is the “Light Body,” also known as what Alberto Villoldo introduced years ago – the Luminous Energy Field (LEF), a field of light that surrounds the physical body. In the shamanic traditions, the LEF holds a record of all your emotional, physical and spiritual traumas.

Shamans discovered how to erase the imprints of disease from the LEF and re-wire the brain for total health, joy and creativity. In each of The Light Body courses, you begin to work at the level of the soul and spirit just as the shamans learned and passed down for generations. By understanding this component of ourselves, we can participate in energy healing, wholeness and well-being in every area of our lives and the lives of patients and clients.

As you train to be a healer at The Four Winds’ Light Body School, you learn how to directly connect
with the energy of life to work with grace, power and beauty,
whether on an individual basis or in your growing practice.