By learning the ancient Shaman wisdoms from Alberto Villoldo, you can heal disease, eliminate emotional suffering and even grow new bodies that age and heal differently

Having devoted 25 years of study to the healing practices of the Amazon and Andean shamans, Alberto Villoldo, PhD, is teaching people how to actually grow new bodies.

Imagine creating in your own body an immune system that resists disease … heals quickly and efficiently … and significantly slows your aging process!

Alberto Villoldo’s journey from academia to enlightenment was so significant that he has devoted his life’s work to showing you the same path. Through shamanic expeditions, workshops and study, learn how your mind creates aging and disease in the body, and reverse this process as a modern-day shaman.

By his mid-20s Alberto Villoldo was the youngest clinical professor at San Francisco State University. He was directing his own laboratory, the Biological Self-Regulation Lab, investigating how energy medicine and visualization could change the chemistry of the brain.

One day in his biology laboratory, Alberto realized that his investigation had to get bigger instead of smaller; Alberto needed to find a system larger than the neural networks of the brain. The microscope was the wrong instrument to answer the questions he was asking. Many others were already studying the hardware – Alberto Villoldo wanted to learn to re-program the SYSTEM. OPHIMORE stories hinted that there were people around the globe who claimed to know such things, including the Inka in Peru, the few remaining “shamans” in today’s modern civilization.


By Alberto Villoldo, Ph.D with Anne E. O’Neill

A Shaman’s Miraculous Tools for Healing is ultimately about people realizing their own truth. When they embrace shamanic energy medicine, they begin a journey of healing and self-discovery – one they eventually understand they had always been seeking. In the end, these individuals came to know their authentic selves, and this realignment of body and soul resolved much of their original health crises and enabled them to change their lives.


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