Amazon Expeditions

The moment you step off the small plane in Puerto Maldonado your senses are bombarded with the sounds ofthe jungle all around you.Here you board long and narrow canoes for the ride upriver to our exquisite jungle lodge. The river offers views that can only be seen on the glossy pages of magazines, offering glimpses into the unknown. A stillness fills the air as the sounds of the water and shores come alive …

In addition to the Via Illiuminata Expedition led by Alberto Villoldo, The Four Winds is producing various expeditions to Peru, and another to Chile.

Once arriving at our destination lodge, we begin the core of our work together. Each afternoon and evening we gather together for ancient wisdom teachings along with meeting our jungle shamans who guide us with their songs into the spirit world. The days otherwise are filled with …

  • Beautiful nature walks into the lush jungle of flora and fauna with local botanists,
  • Contemplative treks to inner jungle lagoons,
  • Basking quietly along the river’s banks in private meditation
  • Building a new community of fellow explorers who are here, like you, to become steeped in the ancient wisdom teachings.

You are welcome. You are part of their circle. You will be learning, embedding in your soul their techniques for stepping out of ordinary time. You have become part of a community of medicine people in daily ritual with the jungle shamans. What you experience will source you forever.

Each step along the journey takes you closer to who you are becoming.

The Amazon spiritual retreat with its ancient wisdom teachings is for you. You have heard the call. You are drawn to the realm of new possibilities for your life …