What is a Shaman

From the moment you step onto mother Earth, old belief systems of “who you once were” begin to morph into a more conscious being. You begin to see the world with different eyes. It is a profound spiritual awakening.

With our Shamanic Expeditions to the Amazon or Peru, you will be guided, each and every day, through an authentic spiritual tradition that has been preserved for hundreds of years by the descendants of the Earthkeepers (Shamans). You will not only take part in ancient medicine ceremonies at sacred sites along the way, but you will reconnect to nature and learn to “walk the Beauty Way,” forming an intimate bond with the natural world and undoing some of the damage done by our own creation.

Rest assured, this is not a typical tour into the ancient sites of Peru or the mysticism surrounding the Amazon jungles. Far from it!

In a way, the shamanic expedition is a repackaging of one of man’s oldest ideas – the pilgrimage. In previous centuries, travelers heard the call and headed for Mecca or Jerusalem or Santiago de Compostela. For today’s pilgrims, it’s a matter of experiencing a shift in consciousness, a rearrangement of the psyche, a spiritual awakening.

When you spend nearly two weeks looking up at another star system at night, and being exposed to some of the most extraordinary teachers and teachings on earth, it can be more transformational than years of psychotherapy. It is a mythic journey where you step into the mythologies of the Earthkeepers who, through their own spiritual awakening, found a way to stand with grace between heaven and earth.