spiritual healing

Shamanic teachings show us how to rewrite our stories about our lives, to do what the shamans call
“dreaming the world into being.”

These invaluable Shamanic teachings, known as The Four Insights, were kept under wraps for a very good reason. The Laika realized that this knowledge about our capacity to manifest our dreams is tremendously powerful, and could be easily abused by those lacking ethics. Nevertheless, these devoted “Earthkeepers” recognized that the Four Insights belong to all people on the planet, not just to the Inka. When they met a white person who did not possess the arrogant, hostile mindset of the conqueror, they were willing to share their wisdom teachings for dissemination to the world.

The Four Insights

Insight 1: The Way of the Hero

Practices: Non-judgment, Non-suffering, Non-attachment, Beauty.

Insight 2: The Way of the Luminous Warrior

Practices: Fearlessness, Non-doing, Certainty, Non-engagement.

Insight 3: The Way of the Seer

Practices: Beginner’s Mind, Living Consequently, Transparency, Integrity.

Insight 4: The Way of the Sage

Practices: Mastering Time and Keeping a Secret from Yourself, Owning Your Projections, No-mind, Indigenous Alchemy.

Through the Four Insights, you’ll learn that there’s a spiritual solution to every problem you encounter in the physical world, in your mind, and in your soul.

You’ll learn that you can’t eliminate scarcity in your life by getting another job. You can’t heal feelings of abandonment or anger by understanding your childhood wounds. You can only fix these problems at the level above the one in which they were created. When we shift from one level of perception up to the next, we retain our ability to function at the lower realm, but we still retain that wider view of what we’re experiencing. Einstein said, “Problems can not be solved at the level at which they were created.” Being able to shift to a higher realm of perception can help us to find solutions to our problems, resolve conflicts, heal disease, and experience oneness with all of creation when, before, we were experiencing distress and separation.

If you want to begin living your life differently and perceiving your experiences through new eyes, it’s important to go beyond mere understanding of the insights and actually follow their practices.