Peru Expeditions

The majestic Andean mountains rise high in the distant landscape of your mind, inviting you to come closer…to listen to the voices of ancient teachings…to delve into the unknown of your soul.

Has an inner “voice” been speaking to you? Is something inside you calling for a significant spiritual adventure? Do you feel a tug of the heart when you see photos of the Andes, the Sacred Valley or Machu Picchu Tours? Have you ever felt a calling to follow in the footsteps of ancient shaman-healers?

For more than two decades, Alberto Villoldo has been leading spiritual journeys to sacred places. Our shamanic expeditions are not mere vacations, but spiritual journeys where we immerse ourselves in the rich culture of the Amazon, Andes, and Sacred Valley, with optional Machu Picchu tours. We work with the Laika, the same shamans who long ago invited Alberto Villoldo into their own to share the prophecies, extraordinary medicine and shamanic practices that they have sustained through the ages.

In your shamanic journey, you will be welcomed as friends by the lineage of medicine men and women who preserve the teachings of luminous healing, soul retrieval and the prophecies.

We begin each day with a nutritious breakfast with fresh fruits from the Rainforest. For those of you who wish to participate in our Brain Bar Program, you will enjoy a satisfying smoothie full of detoxifying nutraceuticcals, including antioxidants and mitochondrial repair formulas that clear brain fog, relieve cellular stress, and bring you increased clarity and energy. During the day we get away from the beaten path. We gather in ceremony with the shamans and receive rites of passage that connect us to an ancient wisdom tradition – a tradition for communing with mother earth and for embracing the highest dimensions of our spirit. We pray and meditate in grand temples where we tap into a body of cosmic wisdom within sacred space. In ancient archeological sites where men and women gathered to pray for millennia, where their energy is so palpable and strong, we awaken the divine qualities within. In the early evening we immerse ourselves in meditation and in teaching sessions with Alberto that help us reach our highest and best physical, mental and spiritual goals.