The many years of my friendship with Alberto culminated in our collaboration to write, Power Up Your Brain – The Neuroscience of Enlightenment. It was during this endeavor that the depth of Dr. Villoldo’s understanding of what exactly makes us human was made clear to me. He has tapped into an information base that has been part of the human experience for millenia – information that is only now being scientifically validated.

– David Perlmutter, MD, FACN

Alberto Villoldo has transitioned from stranger to teacher, mentor, colleague and friend. Through the course and clinical work of the Healing the Light Body School and his personal instruction, I now walk the path of the Wounded Healer. I am eternally grateful and honored to have received this ancient knowledge. Alberto’s personal integrity, impeccability and skeptical scientist’s mind are the reasons I travel this road.

– Gene Coderre

Alberto’s remarkable body of work is a lasting contribution to the health of the human race. Energy medicine is the foundation of my medical practice and his teachings have provided profound changes in my patients and myself. Your Biography is your Biology!

– Laurel Sander, Doctor of Oriental Medicine

Alberto Villoldo and the shamanic practices he has distilled and brought together have offered me an incredible container to do my own personal work, while at the same time gleaning the tools to work with others. I continue to be in deep gratitude for these ancient teachings and the power of transformation that so effortlessly unfolds with their application. Alberto has given us the resources to dream a new world into being, where we are no longer a slave to our past, but masters in our own destiny.

– Leize Perlmutter

The Expedition to Chile was more than a physical experience for me. In the darkness of the cave of the volcano Kiltun Pilan (Villarica), I could let go all the bindings to my mother and my father – with love and respect. In the womb of Mother Earth I connected with my real parents: earth and heaven.

I love the old sites the ancient people create in Peru and Mexico. In this part of Chile, nature itself creates incredible temples. The almost untouched forest with the old Araucaria-Trees was magnificent. With these old beings I still feel a connection.

Alberto opened this gate for us, humble and unimpeachable. We were like knights seeking the Holy Grail. When we laid down our weapons, we received the Grail, filled with wisdom and pure love. Back at home, I can still find daily nourishgment me from those life-changing moments.

– Michael Hemme

With every exercise and journey we did in Alberto Villoldo’s class, I remembered more of my own Healer Self. Alberto’s gentle words wove into stories that consistently tugged forth my long dormant abilities. I was not learning from Alberto; he was helping me remember and reminding me to pull from the collective knowledge of the world.

– Jan Wakefield

It has been my honor to know Dr. Alberto Villoldo for 10 years. As a Four Winds Society student, I have known Dr. Villoldo to be a master teacher; as a Senior Faculty member of the Four Winds Society, I hold him as an inspiring mentor. As a client, I have experienced the elegance and power of his healing work on many occasions.

Whether shaman, teacher, mentor or author, Dr. Villoldo always calls us to our highest destiny and to our greatest service. He does this with great humility, love, and dedication, always showing the way without directing it. His body of work (books, videos, DVDs, CDs, Four Winds Light Body School, workshops, and expeditions) is a gift to humanity. He is a catalyst of powerful positive change on the planet.

– Victoria Johnson, Senior Faculty