Throughout the ages, secret societies of Native American medicine men and women carefully guarded their ancient wisdom teachings and acted as stewards of nature. These “Earth Keepers” existed in many nations and were called by many names; in the Andes and the Amazon, they are known as the Laika or shamans.

Teachings, known as The Four Insights, were kept under wraps for a very good reason. With the arrival of the conquistadors, the Laika were relentlessly persecuted. Many, particularly the women, were branded witches and sorcerers, then imprisoned, tortured, and killed. Their knowledge was considered so dangerous and threatening to the Catholic Church that even now, 200 years after the Spanish Inquisition shut its doors everywhere else in the world, it continues to keep active an office in Lima, Peru.

The Laika realized that this knowledge about our capacity to manifest our dreams is tremendously powerful, and could be easily abused by those lacking ethics. Nevertheless, they recognized that the Four Insights belong to all, not just to the Inka. When they met a white person who did not possess the arrogant, hostile mindset of the conqueror, these Earth Keepers were willing to share their wisdom teachings.